Boston Fern
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Boston Fern

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Nephrolepis exaltata or commonly known as Boston Fern or Sword fern. It has graceful, arching, green fronds with a ruffled appearance that is best displayed in a hanging basket or on a stand where it can cascade over the edge. The Boston Fern will not only bring an air of calm to your home. It is one of the best known plants for purifying the air and regulating humidity.

approx height size: 20cm

pot diameter: 14.5cm


  • Light: Grow best in bright indirect sunlight
  • Water: Water when the top inch soil is barely dry by dip your finger in the soil, Water well and then allow the soil to thoroughly dry out before watering again. It can sometimes last few days before it needs water
  • Humidity: grow better in high humidity, try setting the plant on a wet pebble tray.
  • Benefit: Boston fern remove formaldehyde from the air.

**Ceramic pot for decoration purposes only, not including the price.

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