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Plantae Lover

Earthlings Plant Food

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The Earthlings Plant Food is preliminary made from the Earthlings formulated vermicast, which is made from 100% natural and sustainable ingredients. Therefore, it’s safe to touch. The plant food is generally  ma fertiliser alternative which can be used to replace fertiliser.

 Volume: 400grams

Package come with feeding spoon & feeding plan

What happen when you start feeding?

  • Improve the plants’ Immune System

Feed the plants with Plant Food introduces a large & diverse population of natural-occurring beneficial microorganisms, that’s scientifically proven to improve the plant’s immune system. In the other words, less prone to pest problem, for example aphids, mealy buds & spider mites.

  •  Retaining nutrients in soil

The plant food assists in ‘locking’ the nutrients in the soils from being washed away. This is due to the existence of Humic Acid in the plant food, which act as the chelator to hold the nutrients together.

  •  Improve Nutrient Uptake Efficiency of the plant

The plant food helps to transform the nutrients in the soil to a form which is more readily absorbable by the plant. Therefore, the plant can take up essential nutrients easily and lead to healthy growth!

  • Improve Soil Structure

Consistent plant feeding improves the Water Retaining Capacity & the general structure of the soil. Thus, the roots able to grow easier in the soil and lead to healthy roots. Healthy roots allow the plant to produce big & waxy leaves!

  • Act like a slow-release fertiliser

The plant food contains of essential macronutrients & micronutrients which will be released slowly & naturally. The nutrients in the plant food are more readily absorbable by the plant. Besides, it is okay if accidentally ‘overfeed’ the plants, it will not cause root burn.

  • Introduce Natural-Occurring Plant Hormones & Plant Enzymes

The existence of natural-occurring plant hormones & plant enzyme helps to regulate the formation of leaves, root & stem elongation.


Instructions to feed
Step 1: Stick the Feeding Plan on a pot 
Step 2: Measure the diameter of the pots (the outer hole)
Step 3: Read the instruction to find which size range the pot is fall into. For example, the pot size of the plant is 5 inches.
Step 4: Feed the plant with 2 spoons of plant food, using the Earthlings’ feeding spoon. Spread evenly.
Step 5: Water the plant throughout
Remark: Step 1 to 3 have to be performed for the first time only