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Aglaonema Super White

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Aglaonema Commutatum 'Super White' or common name Chinese evergreen.

Aglaonema ‘Super White’ is a variegated variety that delights with bright, large, wide, lanceolate leaves with contrasting green spots. Motley patterns are irregular, they may be slightly different on each leaf and take up a smaller or larger area. Their clusters at the main nerve and on the edges of the leaves are most clearly visible. The shape of the leaf is clearly marked by a characteristic green margin with a jagged inner line. The remainder of the leaf is irregularly green, many-colored, and the bright spots can range from white to cream to light green. Aglonema has a compact and tufted habit and grows up to 50 cm tall.

approx size: 10cm


  • Light: Grow best in bright indirect sunlight
  • Water: Water when the top inch soil is completely dry by dip your finger in the soil, Water well and then allow the soil to thoroughly dry out before watering again. It can sometimes last 1 week before it needs water
  • Humidity: low to medium humidity, Basic household humidity

**Ceramic pot for decoration purposes only, not including the price.